It all started in a little town in Belgium, in the year 2020. Yes, that wonderful year... The one that made us reflect about our life, our jobs, our family, our health. The year of change.
For me*, it was time to make clear decisions and set new goals. I wanted more. I wanted to proof to myself and to the world that I can do more. I can be successful. I can run a business. I can create and sell beautiful products.

The very first #hipbows were created way back in 2016, when I was making jewelry with cork fabric and other materials. I started making bow ties out of the cork fabric as well, like a kind of experiment. And people loved it. I sold them in my webshop, Cotton Candy, amongst my jewelry.

During the lockdown, I decided to follow online courses and webinars about mindset, having an online business, having a product-based business etc. It made me rethink my business and I started redesigning my cork bow ties. 

And so, the new and improved, versatile Hipbow 2.0 series was born! 


With my bow ties, I want to give you the chance to mix and match colors to fit your style, your outfit and your mood!

I work with local companies for materials, customizing and packaging, and I finish everything by myself, by hand. I assemble, pack and send out the bow ties with love and I am always very curious to see who is wearing them.

I would love it if one of my Brainbows would becoma a conversation piece at a wedding or special event.

I love to hear your opinion about my bow ties so I can make improvements or create new products for my biggest fans.

Let's make this world a more colorful and fun place, 1 Brainbow at a time!


* Ellen Marckx, owner