adult wooden bow ties

Wooden Bow Ties Farewell Sale! 
As we say goodbye to our charming wooden bow ties, we're giving you the chance to grab a piece of this unique collection at an incredible 50% off!

Unique and versatile 2-in-1 bow ties: a wooden base (walnut or bamboo) with a cork fabric twist.

Brainbows' wooden bow ties boast sleek and minimalistic designs. Laser-cut to perfection, they showcase meticulous attention to detail. At the heart of each wooden bow tie lies a signature Brainbows touch – a replaceable cork core. This core, nestled within the wooden frame, defines the essence of Brainbows' bow ties. It allows you to customize your look by swapping it out for different colors, making Brainbows' wooden bow ties incredibly versatile.

Each wooden bow tie is a testament to the harmonious fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and modern sophistication. They are the perfect choice for gentlemen who appreciate the beauty of wood and the flexibility of versatile design. 

man wearing vest and wooden bow tie

Our Timbows come in 2 different colour combinations and 4 different shapes. On top of that, you can choose from 16 different colours for the cork fabric core! Purchase extra cores to match with your entire wardrobe.

Each piece is handmade with love in teeny, tiny Belgium and consists of an eco-friendly bow tie with an adjustable neck strap. The bow tie is wrapped up in a 100% biodegradable packaging.

*Please note colours may vary depending on the screen of your phone or laptop*