The Creative Brain
Me, always trying to turn brainstorms into brainbows. Creating with my brain, heart and hands. 

The Husband
Not much to say here. Just kidding. He is my rock. And my handsome yet reluctant bow tie model.
I will always love you, boo. Cringe, right?

The Toddler
Causing sleep deprivation since 2018. But also, giving me the best kisses and hugs in the whole world and making me a proud momster.

the team behind Brainbows

The Copywriter
More often than not, I honestly don’t have the slightest idea what he is going on or writing about. His small house is only 1.5 miles away but I can assure you he lives somewhere far, far away in his very own language paradise. With two dogs. Chances are they understand him better than I do.