A Symphony of Words and Style: Our collaboration with the honourable LM

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A Symphony of Words and Style: Our collaboration with the honourable LM

In a delightful fusion of creativity and elegance, Brainbows teamed up with Larry Ma, resident of Europe and author of "Oldfuck and Littleshit", to celebrate the art of self-expression. This collaboration blossomed into a beautiful synergy where words and bow ties were gracefully exchanged.


I say,
And I wear their bow-
I insist,
And I let it be
For nothing is better
On necks slim
Or thick
Than a tie that does bow
For you to choose
And pick.


A captivating photoshoot ensued, where Larry Ma graced the camera, showcasing a new collection of bow ties.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch this exquisite collection, where every bow tie is not just an accessory, but a poetic statement.

collaboration with Larry Ma

"Oldfuck and Littleshit" is the paradoxical, surreal, baroque and unapologetically weird story of what it means to overcome pain.

A non-binary person on a mission to kill the man responsible for their sister's death. An African kid on a quest to save the soul of his people. Two worlds, one sorrow, lots of magic: and a universe that informs them all.

Support this independent queer author and get this contemporary urban fantasy novel saga now!

Oldfuck and Littleshit by Larry Ma