PREMIUM Hipbow 2.0 - adult

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A selection of our bestselling Hipbows, in a premium version, for those seeking added value.

At first sight, they look like like the same Hipbow, but... there is a little cherry on the cake. We all love cake, right? And if you like an extra touch of uniqueness, a bit of 'vavavoom', or if you are just not a big fan of the elastic neck straps, you can now go Premium.

Here is all you need to know about these Premium Hipbows:

  • they are available in 8 different colours
  • they come with an adjustable cork fabric neck strap in the same colour as the bow tie
  • a black satin neck strap is added as a gift (so you can swap the neck strap if you want to)
  • these bow ties are delivered in a black minimalist gift box with a champagne coloured label
  • and, as always: handmade in Belgium, with love
premium bow tie in black gift box

Hipbow 2.0 - choose your favorite color
MATERIAL: cork fabric + adjustable cork fabric neck strap (+ extra adjustable satin neck strap)
SIZE: adult (10,5 cm x 5,5 cm)

different colours of neck straps

You will receive: a gorgeous, handmade and eco-friendly bow tie with an adjustable cork fabric neck strap and a black adjustable neck strap as a gift, delivered in an eco-friendly black gift box.

cork bow tie with cork fabric neck strap

Flip the bow tie for a different look, with a single or double fold pleat.
Swap the cores to mix up your bow tie style! Find out how to do this here.